Dean-On-Call Program

The Dean-On-Call  (DOC) Program is a means to provide support to students who may be experiencing difficulties in navigating the university environment or being successful as a student. Currently, the group of administrators who serve in this rotation represent several areas within the Student Affairs & Enrollment Management (SAEM) Cabinet area. Each administrator comes with a wealth of professional knowledge and experience and engages in ongoing training to continue to provide the best service to students who are looking for support and guidance.


In-person Dean-On-Call appointments are not available at this time. You may reach out to us by phone (415-338-2032), via email (, or visit the Dean of Students Office at SSB 403 and someone will schedule a meeting upon request. 

We're on campus to support you! 


This program serves to support students through four (4) primary approaches:

  • Case Management - This approach is designed to support a student through the entirety of a situation. This may involve helping the student identify the correct offices or individuals to connect with and assisting the student in developing a plan to resolve the concern that brought them to the office. 


  • Ombuds - While the campus does not have an official Ombudsperson for students, this approach is designed to help a student identify what the concern is actually about, and explore the pros and cons the student should consider when deciding how to move forward and toward resolution. 


  • Advocacy - We realize that students are often looking to be heard and or affirmed in their thought processes and feelings. Oftentimes, some of the most meaningful work we can do with students is to help them find their voice and give them the confidence to advocate for themselves. 


  • Referral - Student concerns may initially present as one thing, but after listening and focusing on what is being said and unsaid, the student may need to be referred to a variety of resources on or off campus. The goal of this particular approach is to make the appropriate referral the first time we engage with a student.

Refer a Student to a Dean-On-Call

To refer a student to the Dean-On-Call Program, advise the student to contact us by phone or email, or they may speak directly with the Dean-On-Call, by setting up an appointment. You may also submit a referral to the Dean-on-Call program.

Basic Needs Assistance?

For those who would like Basic Needs Assistance, please visit the Food+Shelter+Success page. For those who are experiencing an unexpected financial crisis, please visit the HOPE Crisis Fund page

Formal Counseling & Mental Health Support

The Dean-On-Call Program is not a substitute for counseling or mental health services, however, having the attention of a dedicated administrator may be the necessary touchpoint for a student to more clearly identify which resource they may benefit from in the short term. 

General Campus Resources

Sometimes students are looking for Campus Resources available to them. You may also find the Student Concerns & Complaints page and the Quick Reference List for Student Concerns & Inquiries page helpful. But please feel free to inquire further -- we are here to help.