Leadership Team

Headshot of Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students. Man is posing with his arms crossed; he is dressed in  a navy suit, adorned with a red flower like pin and a Puerto Rican Flag lapel pin.
Dr. Miguel Hernandez ( He/Him/His )
Associate Vice President & Dean of Students
Strategic Divisional Vision & Direction
Mia Reisweber
Dr. Mia Reisweber ( She/Her/Hers )
Associate Dean of Students
Basic Needs, Case Management, HOPE Crisis Fund
Photo of David Rourke
David Rourke ( He/Him/His )
Associate Dean of Students
Action Care Team, Residential Life, Student Conduct
headshot photo of professional staff
Chris Trudell, MEd ( He/Him/His )
Assistant Dean of Students
Dean-on-Call, Student Activities & Events, New Student & Family Programs, Greek Life, Freedom of Expression, Time, Place, & Manner
Photo of Larry Birello
Larry Birello ( He/Him/His )
Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities
Student Conduct
headshot photo of professional staff
Demont Oliver ( He/Him/His )
Interim Director of Campus Recreation
Mashouf Wellness Center, Campus Recreation
headshot photo of professional staff
Christopher Lujan, M.S. ( He/Him/His )
Director, Food+Shelter+Success
Basic Needs
headshot photo of professional staff
Nour Loren, MSW ( She/Her/Hers )
Director, SAFE Place
Survivor Advocacy, Confidential Support
headshot photo of professional staff
Jess Robinson ( She/Her/Hers )
Associate Director Residential Life
Residential Life Education & Leadership
headshot photo of professional staff
Evan Jaynes, MEd ( He/Him/His )
First-Year Experience Manager
New Student Orientation, Student Leadership
headshot photo of professional staff
Alejandro Rios ( He/Him/His )
Executive Director - Associated Students, Inc.
headshot photo of professional staff
Marissa Ledesma ( She/Her/Hers )
Administrative Analyst - Division of Student Life
Special Programs, Ali Awards, Gator Tales
Dean of Students