Frequently Asked Questions

What about FERPA protection?

FERPA pertains to the privacy of educational records, but it does not prohibit the reporting of observable behavior. If you are concerned about a personal interaction you have had with a student or an observation you have made pertaining to behavior, you are encouraged to report and consult with appropriate colleagues, especially as it relates to the educational mission of the University.

Is this where I would report if I feel in danger by a student's words, writings or actions?

Yes. Action Care Team is a team that responds to high level, imminent campus crisis, once a situation occurs. ACT is a proactive, small team that meets weekly to assess referrals, consult and at times intervene before the concern escalates to violent or detrimental behavior to the student of concern or members of the campus community. However, if there is a concern that a student is making overt actions or presents as an imminent danger to themselves or others, you should contact University Police at (415) 338-2222. ACT does not provide immediate, real-time responses to situations.

Will I be contacted and updated about the student I refer?

You may or may not be contacted to be asked to give the committee additional details about the concerning behavior. Also, you may or may not be updated with information as it pertains to the student's situation. In any case, you will not be informed of details of conversations with the student or possible disciplinary action that may occur, depending on the situation.

What might unusual or erratic behavior look like?

Examples of unusual or erratic behavior may look like, but is not limited to:

  • Unnaturally moody or aggressive
  • Feeling agitated;
  • Raised or elevated voices;
  • Incoherent speech;
  • Seeing or hearing voices that others don't see or hear;

Who is on the Action Care Team?

Offices that are represented on the Team:

  • Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Disability Programs and Resource Center
  • Office of the Dean of Students
  • Office of Residential Life
  • Office of Student Conduct
  • Undergraduate Advising
  • University Police
  • Various Academic Units

Which campus offices might play a role on the Action Care Team?

The committee may also consult with:

  • Student Health Center
  • Academic Advising
  • Athletics
  • Human Resources
  • Student Activities & Events
  • other departments, as needed