Gator Tales - October 2023

I am Dr. Miguel Hernández (el/him/his) and I have the privilege to serve as your Associate Vice President and Dean of Students. I started here at San Francisco State on July 1, 2023 and have truly enjoyed transitioning to our campus and the Bay Area over these last few months. One of my goals as your Dean is to maintain open lines of communication with students. Toward this effort my team and I are excited to introduce our new Gator Tales Student Newsletter. The name of the newsletter has been chosen to honor our former students who selected the alligator as SF State’s mascot almost a century ago. The next part of the title is a bit of a play on words. I believe the practice of storytelling has the ability to change people’s hearts and minds. Building from this idea, we will aim to share stories or “Tales” about the amazing people, places, and things happening throughout our campus community.

The goals of our publication are to provide regular updates highlighting what your Division of Student Life team is working on and has accomplished for you, to announce upcoming engagement opportunities on campus and throughout the city, and to celebrate student accomplishments throughout the year. To learn more about your Division of Student Life and Dean of Students Office, please visit our website Division of Student Life (DSL) | Dean of Students (DOS) (

Let’s get started! The first accomplishment I want to highlight includes the exciting reveal of our all new SF State mascot, Alli. Our mascot tradition started in 1931 here at SF State when students voted to become the “Golden Gaters” like the Golden Gate Bridge. The spelling almost immediately changed to the “Gators.” Over the last five years, several campus partners including Athletics, Campus Recreation, Student Engagement and Transition (SET), Alumni Association, Enrollment Management, and Residential Life worked toward providing Alli with a glow up. For more information about Alli and our mascot program, please visit Alli the Gator | New Student & Family Programs (

Our next highlight is focused on our Campus Recreation re-opening of the swimming pools located in the Mashouf Wellness Center (MWC). Unfortunately, the MWC aquatics program was down for two years due to the impact of the pandemic on our swimming pools. We were excited to celebrate the grand reopening of the Natatorium with more than 150 students engaging in water activities this past August. Overall, this semester we are averaging over 14,000 visits to the building per week. We invite you all to consider signing up for their upcoming 3 v 3 water basketball tournament or join us for inflatable Fridays! For more information and hours of operation, please visit Home | Campus Recreation ( 

Dr. Moore and DSL Team

Dr. Moore and the Division of Student Life Leadership Team

Associated Students

  • What is Love event - in the ROMC conference room on Oct. 23, from 9am-3pm 

  • ROMC Edward Said Mural Celebration - Jack Adams Hall on Nov. 3 Friday, from 6-9 pm

  • EROS Sexuality Career Fair - Jack Adams Hall on Nov. 3 Friday, from 12 pm-5 pm.

Athletics Home Games

  • Soccer - SF State Men & Women’s Soccer team vs Cal Poly, Friday Oct. 20 at 12:30am

  • Women’s Volleyball - SF State vs Cal State, LA Thursday Oct. 26 at 5pm

  • Soccer - SF State Men & Women’s Soccer team vs Cal Poly Pomona, Thursday Nov. 2 at 11:30am

Campus Recreation

  • Wellness Wednesday, Work Life Balance Workshop - Mashouf Wellness Center Classroom 105 on Wednesday, Oct.18, from 3pm-4pm. 

  • Game Night - Mashouf Wellness Center Classroom 105 on Oct. 20 Friday, from 6pm-8pm

  • Hide and Seek in the Dark - Malcom X Plaza on Oct. 20 at 8pm

  • Wellness Wednesday, Trivia Night - Mashouf Wellness Center Classroom 105 on Wednesday, Oct. 25, from 5pm-7pm.

  • Costume Dodgeball - Mashouf Wellness Center Two-Court on Oct. 26 Thursday, from 7pm-10pm

  • Costume Climb After Dark - Mashouf Wellness Center Climbing Wall on Oct. 30 Monday, 9pm-12am

Campus Safety Week

  • October 16-20, 2023 - Safety Trainings Offered: first aid, CPR, AED Certification, Wags for Wellness, Self-defense demonstrations, and more! Located in the SFSU main campus area (grass/quad)

Counseling & Psychological Service (CAPS)

  • RAICES y RESISTENCIA Workshop Series - Raices y Resistencia is a workshop for first-generation Latinx college students who might be experiencing feelings of sadness, inadequacy and/or low self-esteem. The workshop's goal is to collaborate with students to facilitate a collective exploration of some of the experiences as first-generation college students, as well as to help build and foster participants sense of belonging. Raíces and Resistencia hopes to promote healing through individuals’ cultural wealth. The workshop aims to assist individuals in exploring and building emotional regulation skills in a space where their stories and cultural practices are honored. Workshop facilitated by: Ana Frias-Bravo, LMFT , CAPS Bilingual Clinical Counselor. Register via zoom.

    • October 18, 2023 @ 2:00-3:00 pm: Session 4 ~ Nuestro Cuidado (Our Care)

Visit the CAPS website to check out other offerings for the fall semester.

Division of Equity & Community Inclusion (DECI)

  • DECI & Dream Resource Center Celebrating and Empowering Immigrant Voices through Open Mic Night with Deyci Carrillo - The Depot in Cesar Chavez Student Center on Oct. 19 Thursday, from 6–8 pm. Embrace the opportunity to participate in a poetry workshop and open mic, led by the talented published poet, Deyci Carrillo.

  • Halloween at the BUC - Black Unity Center, Village C, Room 142 on Oct. 31 Tuesday, All Day. Flaunt your costume and be in community! Visit the BUC to trick or treat and stay for showings of horror films by Black Directors. Showings of horror films by Black Directors playing at 10am, 12:30am, 2:30pm, & 4pm.

  • Dia de los Muertos - Latinx Student Center, Village C Room 140 on Nov. 1, Wednesday from 5-6:30pm. Come decorate an altar and remember the loved ones we have lost. Join us as we have food, hot chocolate, music, and stories to celebrate our lost ones.

International Programs

  • APPLY NOW and STUDY ABROAD SOON! There is still a chance to study abroad with SF State for the Spring 2024/Calendar Year 2024 terms. Please check out the Study Abroad website for the extended programs list.

  • If none of the extended programs are of interest, do not fret! Now is also a good time to plan and look into studying abroad for the Fall 2024/Academic Year 2024-2025 terms. The study abroad team is happy to chat with you through our advising hours. Prior to your advising appointment, please make sure to watch or attend an information meeting.

Student Health Services

  • Halloween Open House - Games, Raffles, Free Flu shots, and more! Oct. 25th from 11am-3pm in the Student Health Services Building. 

The SAFE Place

“Pain takes place in isolation. Healing takes place in community” – Unknown. Community support is tantamount to the well-being of survivors and beginning the process of healing. San Francisco State University’s mission is to support survivors by providing on campus and community-based resources.

The SAFE Place is a space for students who have been impacted by gender-based violence, intimate partner/domestic violence, and stalking. The SAFE Place is a confidential resource for students to receive the support and resources that they need to be safe and successful while in pursuit of their educational goals. The SAFE Place is committed to supporting all students. Additionally, the SAFE Place is rooted in a survivor centered approach to care. This means that the SAFE Place advocates for the individual rights and specific needs of each student impacted by violence. Each student is a valuable member of the San Francisco State University community; and the goal of the SAFE Place is to ensure that every student can navigate our community without the threat or impact of violence. If you need immediate support, the SAFE Place is located within the CAPS office in the Student Services Building, Room 205. Otherwise, please call 415-338-2208 or email to schedule an appointment with the confidential advocate.

Nour Loren (she/they) is the new SAFE Place manager at SFSU. Nour received her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Ethnic Studies, and her master’s in social work. Nour is excited to support students and be a part of the great work happening at San Francisco State University.

Nour L. SAFE Place Coordinator
Res Life Move-in Day Selfie

Students enjoying move-in weekend!

GatorFest Drag Queen Bingo

GatorFest Drag Queen Bingo!

Dean Miguel

Dean Miguel having fun in the Mashouf Wellness Center

MWC Ribbon Cutting

Mashouf Wellness Center Ribbon Cutting

Cynthia Beall

Cynthia Beall

(she/her) - Cinema Major, Alameda

I really enjoy how much the athletic community has grown in the time that I have been here. SAAC, and our President Kimbo especially, have done an incredible job creating a comfortable environment where we can build a great community. It is really nice to see the progress that we have made as a group, and how much closer everyone has gotten.

We play in a very competitive conference, so any game that people come out to will be a good one. Our team is super strong this year, and we have already done some great things on the court. Our home court environment is great, so any extra support is always fun and appreciated! 
I decided to go to school at SF State for many reasons. The location was ideal for me, being both close to home but also being in a great city like San Francisco. I love the academic opportunities that I have here as well. I chose to play volleyball here because I love our coaches’ coaching styles, the competitive environment, and I love my teammates!
I am a cinema major, with a classics minor. I am a third year, both academically and athletically. I compete on the women’s volleyball team, as a defensive specialist, and I am one of our team’s SAAC representatives.

Brayden C.

Brayden Concepcion

(he/him) - Business Management Major, San Diego

Something about the athletic community that I enjoy most is each team being welcoming and supportive. No matter what team or what year, all athletes become a little family here. Everyone should come support our games and matches to see that the Gator spirit is high, and we all love what we do. I chose SF State because the campus is beautiful, the team is welcoming, and the coaches are amazing people both in the wrestling world and the real world.

Business Management, Sophomore, Wrestling (133lbs), Social Media and Publicity Chair on the Exec Board in SAAC

Kai Stephens

Kai Stephens

(she/her) - Family & Consumer Sciences Graduate Student, Sacramento

My name is Kai Stephens and I’m from Sacramento, Ca. I am a graduate student majoring in Family & Consumer Sciences with a focus on Apparel Design and Merchandising. This is the final year of my graduate program, and I am beginning the data collection for my thesis which is based on the knowledge and perception of cultural appropriation in fashion trends. After receiving my bachelor’s degree from Sacramento State University, I worked in the visual merchandising industry throughout the pandemic. It was during this time that I realized I had a desire to further my education and go into corporate fashion. San Francisco States’s advocacy for social justice, cultural diversity, as well as my program catering to my specific career interests, is what drew me to the university. In 2022 my creative work titled “Her Crown”was exhibited at the International Textile and Apparel Association Conference, which has a 43% acceptance rate. Last semester I participated in the annual Graduate Research and Creative Works Showcase, where I shared my thesis topic and early research findings with attendees. I was able to interact with undergraduate students from my department and pique their interest in pursuing a master’s degree in our field. Over the summer, I represented the university as an Orientation Leader. Helping students through their transition and development has become a passion of mine which became more apparent during my time as an Orientation Leader. I am a student leader in Residential Life where I get to support students and cultivate an environment that feels welcoming and safe. Family & Consumer Sciences has a focus on human wellbeing, and in my time at this institution I have discovered that I want to do all I can to help students in higher education be successful. I am currently a teacher’s assistant which is helping me prepare to teach my first undergraduate class in the spring semester. The Family, Interiors, Nutrition & Apparel Department (FINA) has been an amazing support in helping me gain the experience to reach my goal. My time at San Francisco State has been uplifting and enlightening. I am honored to be a Gator.

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Discover Your Passion: Getting Involved at SF State

As you embark on your journey at San Francisco State University, you're not just here to earn a degree; you're here to grow, learn, and create lifelong memories. A crucial part of this transformative experience is getting involved on campus, and SF State offers an incredible array of opportunities for you to do just that. With over 200 student organizations to choose from, a variety of on-campus jobs and leadership development opportunities to apply for, and a thriving Greek Life, there's something for everyone whether you're passionate about academics, arts, culture, social justice – or chocolate!

Exploring the Diversity of Student Organizations

SF State is a vibrant and diverse community, and this is beautifully reflected in the range of student organizations available. No matter where your interests lie, you're sure to find a group that resonates with you. These organizations span various categories, including:

Academic: Dive deeper into your field of study or explore new academic interests.

Arts: Unleash your creativity and engage with fellow artists.

Cultural: Celebrate and learn about different cultures from around the world.

Honor Societies: Recognize and celebrate academic excellence.

Media/Publication: Share your voice and talents through writing, journalism, or broadcasting.

Philosophical: Explore life's big questions and engage in philosophical debates.

Political: Advocate for change and be part of the civic discussion.

Pre-Professional: Gain hands-on experience and networking opportunities for your future career.

Religious: Connect with others who share your faith and values.

Service: Give back to the community and make a positive impact.

Social: Make friends, have fun, and enjoy college life to the fullest.

Social Justice: Be an advocate for social change and work towards a more just society.

University Housing: Enhance your living experience and build a strong residential community.

Wellness: Prioritize your health and well-being with like-minded individuals.

Greek Life: A Tradition of Excellence

Greek life has been an integral part of San Francisco State University's rich history since 1928. Today, SF State is home to 49 Greek organizations, all operating under the umbrella of the United Greek Council.Greek organizations at SF State serve as more than just social clubs; they enhance the college experience in numerous ways. By joining a fraternity or sorority, you become part of a supportive community where you can:

Explore and Learn: Greek life provides opportunities for personal growth and exploration.

Develop Leadership Skills: Learn valuable leadership skills, event planning, financial management, and more.

Build a Network: Connect with a national and/or local network of brothers, sisters, and alumni committed to your development and success.

Grow Beyond Your Limits: Joining a Greek organization helps you develop your strengths and explore new opportunities that push you into your growth zone.

Student Employment and Leadership Development Opportunities

SF State offers several types of student employment opportunities to cater to a variety of interests and career goals. Here are some of the options available to you:

Student Assistants: The Student Assistant program is an on-campus work opportunity that allows students to explore and develop career-related skills while gaining valuable professional experience.

Instructional Student Assistants / Graduate Assistants / Teaching Associates: If you have a passion for academia and want to support professors with research, teaching, facilitating group discussions, grading papers, and tutoring, you can explore opportunities as an Instructional Student Assistant (ISA), Graduate Assistant (GA), or Teaching Associate (TA).

Federal Work Study: The Federal Work-Study program is a federally funded financial aid initiative that provides part-time employment opportunities for students who require financial assistance. This program allows you to gain practical work experience while helping to cover educational costs. To participate in the work-study program, you must be approved by the Financial Aid Office before being hired. Keep in mind that some on-campus jobs specifically require students to have Federal Work-Study eligibility.

Other Part-time Jobs: Other unique part-time jobs are available across campus. From Campus Recreation to Housing & Residence Life, to New Student & Family Programs, there are a wide range of jobs available. A good starting point to see what’s available is to check HandShake or send a general email inquiry about student employment opportunities to a department’s main email address.

International students visiting on an F-1 or J-1 visa can also explore on-campus work opportunities. During the school year, international students can work up to 20 hours a week, while during winter/spring break and summer, they can work up to 40 hours a week. This provides international students with a chance to gain experience and financial support while pursuing their studies in the United States.You can find more information about student employment and leadership development opportunities on the Career & Leadership Development Website.

How to Get Involved

Ready to jump into the world of student organizations at SF State? Here's how you can get started:

Explore GatorXperience and Connect: The first step is to explore registered student organizations that are available to you. SF State provides an online directory of currently registered and approved student organizations. You can access this directory to find groups that align with your interests. It includes all the contact information you need to get in touch with these organizations.

Start Your Own Organization: Don't see an organization that matches your passion? No problem! You can take the initiative to start your own student organization. Becoming a recognized student organization on campus is an exciting journey, and it allows you to create a community around your specific interests.

To learn more about these steps and access additional resources, make sure to visit the Student Activities & Events website. Here, you'll find comprehensive information about how to get involved, whether you're joining an existing organization or starting your own.

Your time at SF State is about more than just academics; it's an opportunity to connect, engage, and grow as an individual. By getting involved you'll not only enrich your college experience but also forge lasting friendships and create meaningful memories. So, don't hesitate—explore the multitude of opportunities waiting for you at SF State and embark on a journey of self-discovery and community belonging.


Student Engagement & Transitions (SET)

Student Services Building 301 | | 415-338-306

  • San Francisco outdoor ice rink

  • SF Terror Value Haunted House

  • 2023 PROXY Fall Film Festival

Find more fun events happening in the city of San Francisco!


  • Follow us on Instagram @LifeatSFstate to stay updated on events & campus news!

Academic Reminders

  • This is a great time to meet with an academic advisor to begin planning for Spring 2024! Visit the Undergraduate Advising Center for drop-in or virtual academic advising.

  • The Winter schedule is now available! Find out more about Winter session classes here

  • The FAFSA Federal Student Aid application for 2024-2025 will not be available until December 2023.